Meeting of participants of the event «Shanxi through the eyes of foreigners»

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
Once I arrived in the Wanshi hotel and got rid of the porter, who wanted to give a ride to my suitcase, I have not found any host. Besides, I did not notice a banner over the entrance welcoming the participants of the journey.

One of the hotel staff led me to the other two participants of the event, who were sitting in the lobby behind decorative screens. We got acquainted, and I learnt that very soon all the others should have arrived from the station and from the airport. This is what happened, and then we all quickly got our rooms.

At 4 pm in one of the hotel conference rooms, began the meeting of the participants of the "Shanxi through the eyes of foreigners" (洋眼看山西 - Yáng yǎnkàn Shānxī). First, China Daily staff introduced themselves in turn and talked about our plans and objectives. Then, again in turn, the invited participants introduced themselves. Given that I had not spoken English in a long time, and had never spoken in front of people, I initially found it a little difficult. But thanks to my teachers from high school even after all these years I didn't feel any language barrier.

There were the total of 14 invited photo-travelers from Russia, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, South Africa, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Yang Cheng /杨成/ and Sun Ruisheng /孙瑞生/ (China Daily Shanxi Bureau Chief).
Yang Chunya /杨春亚/ aka Rebecca , Roger Bradshaw, Du Li /杜莉/ aka Rose – staff from China Daily's Headquarters in Beijing.
Some of the foreign participants.
The most valuable gift was an album dedicated to Shanxi province in Spanish!

* * *
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