Hengshan Mountain cableway

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
A major part of ascending to the Hengshan Mountain I did by a cableway. Further it was still quite a lot stairs on the way to the top.

Lower parking lot. On the right is seen the ticket booth.
In addition to the cableway ticket, still had to buy two entrance tickets to the Mountain for 30 and 17 yuan.
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The road to the upper parking lot.
Lower cableway station.
A ticket for the ascent to the Mountain by cableway for 90 yuan.
Today I have already bought 5 tickets! 100 and 25 yuan I paid for the Hanging Monastery. 90, 30 and 17 yuan per Hengshan Mountain.
Total 262 yuan (2600 roubles // 40 USD). It is not surprising that the Chinese tourist business is growing by leaps and bounds.
Another map of Hengshan Mountain. If you go by car to the upper parking lot, you will have to walk farther to the mountain top from there, than from the upper station of the cableway.
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Cabs-"gas vans". Inside is a steam room in hell.
But the scenery is beautiful. However, in mind there was only one – climb faster and get out of the stuffy cab.
Passing the upper parking lot.
The ascent by cableway lasted 15 minutes.
Upper station of the cableway. There is a coffee shop and Wi-Fi.
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Continuation :
Hengshan peak

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