Luyashan Mountain. Fenhe River Source (汾河源头 - Fénhé yuántóu).

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
One kilometer north of the Dongzhai town, near the Tourist center and our hotel, there is another local landmark — the source of the Fenhe River (汾河 - Fénhé).

The entrance ticket costs 30 yuan.

The temple complex next to the source is called Leiming (雷鸣寺 - léimíng sì) – Temple of Thunder. It is located at the foot of mount Guancen (管涔山 - Guǎncén shān).
Before the temple entrance there lays a large square with a lot of relief drawings. They depict the famous cities and sights of the Shanxi province. Jinci Temple is on this photo.
The commemorative 4-meter high stele is made of stone brought from Wutaishan Mountains. The base of the stele is decorated with eight reliefs of the Ningwu County sights.
Stairs leads to the temple, but first we go to the source of the Fenhe River, located on the west side of the hill.
Along the way, there is a Temple of Caishen (财神殿 - Cáishén diàn), God of wealth.
The pond with the purest water from the source.
Under this dome there is a hall with the source (spring) of the Fenhe River. In the middle there is a small well where anyone using a small bucket can pick up and taste the water. Fenyuange temple (汾源阁 - Fényuán gé) is located behind the source. Its name literal translation is "Pavilion of the Fenhe River source".
A memory photo near the spring. Thank you, Jiang Dong!
Inside the Fenyuange temple.
By the way, on maps, the river upstream is also designated as the Fenhe River.
The Fenhe River is the longest in the province of Shanxi, it passes through six major cities, its length is 716 km, it is the second largest tributary of the Yellow River.
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