Yungang Grottoes (云冈石窟 - Yúngāng shíkū), part I

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
One of the most outstanding monuments of the Chinese world heritage is a cave-temple complex Yungang Shiku with mountain slopes holding many caves and niches with statues of Buddha installed. It is located 16 kilometers to the west of Datong. First of all, I will tell and show you how to get to the Yungang Grottoes by bus.

Right in front of the railway station building, perpendicular to it, starts the Weidu Avenue (魏都大道 - Wèidū dàdào). At it's very beginning there are several bus stops. For a trip to Yungang Grottoes you need a stop-column of a bus number 603, which is in the photo.
In this photo can be seen at the same time the stop, the bus 603 and the train station.
Inside the bus. I reached the grottoes in 45 minutes. The ticket costs 3 yuan.
The gates at the entrance to the parking lot near the grottoes.
A map of the area near the grottoes.
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The point of sale of tickets.
Tickets are sold until 17:00.
The entrance ticket costs 125 yuan (about 1,250 roubles or 17.5 USD).
Map of Yungang Grottoes territory on the ticket.
On it is marked the route of electric cars, which for a fee take tourists from the entrance to the grottoes.
Map of Yungang Grottoes territory from the official website.
My route, with a length of 4 km, is marked with arrows.
Square named after monk Tan Yao, under whose leadership were carved in the rocks the first Five Caves.
These columns have appeared here recently.
A tree with Golden leaves is also a new park decoration.
I can't imagine why in the pond around the Lingyan Temple floats a rubber duck.
In one of the pavilions of Lingyan Temple.
Across the river is a park (晋华宫国家矿山公园), dedicated to mining technology.
Lingyan Temple is located on the artificial island.
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Continuation :
Yungang Grottoes, part II

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