Train Beijing-Datong

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
The train from Beijing to Datong sparked my interest because its route passes twice along the Great Wall of China. The first time is 70 kilometers north of Beijing, near Badaling, the most popular section of the wall. And the second time, after a few hours of travel, in Shanxi province, where the train goes a few minutes along the unrestored rammed-earth Great Wall of China.

My train number is 1455, it was passing through Beijing. It was late for 20 minutes.
This is my first trip from Beijing North station. The journey takes 7 hours and a half, a distance of 370 km.
My train ticket. I bought it from Moscow, one week in advance, because this direction tickets sell out fast. Upon arrival at the station, I got a ticket at the ticket office by presenting a passport and order number.
The morning was rainy in Beijing.
After about an hour, appeared the mountains.
And 10 minutes later – Great Wall of China.
Moreover, the Wall was on both sides from the train, had to run from window to window.
Then I climbed up to my berth and passed out for four hours, because I already have hardly slept in 24 hours
I woke up just in time, the train rode into Shanxi province.
Wind turbines – an integral part of the landscape of Northern Shanxi.
The earthen Great Wall at the foot of the mountain appeared almost immediately.
In this place, the train goes to the west, and the wall is located on the north side.
View in southern direction.
The coal-producing Shanxi province is one of the most problematic in terms of ecology. The authorities are solving this problem. In addition to wind turbines, solar power plants are built. In the photo is one of them, located near the Tianzhen town. Great Wall still can be seen on the background.
In a hard-sleeper carriage I was traveling next to Mario and Magdalene – a couple from Italy. They treated me with dried apricots packaged like candy.
New buildings in Datong.
Arriving at the station.
My train called is "Mongolian King".
Video from the train window, which captures both sections of the Great Wall.

* * *
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