Pingyao: The city wall of Old Town

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
During its long history the city of Pingyao had never seen the Easter cake and Easter eggs on its castle walls.

Tall brick walls in such a shape as they reached our time, appeared here in the 14th century, when Pingyao had a reconstruction.
The total length of the wall is about 6.4 km.
I went clockwise through 3/4 of the walls perimeter, from the Northern gate to the Lower Western.
This cannon is called hongyidapao (红衣大炮 - hóngyīdàpào). In English the name is written as Hongyi-po.
The literal translation of the name is gun (dàpào) in red (hóng) clothes (yī). Strange, is not it?
It turns out that the Dutch, who were then contemptuously called red barbarians (红夷 - hóngyí) in China, sold the technology of these guns to Chinese. Therefore, the original name hongyipao (红夷炮 - hóngyípào), sounded like a "gun of red barbarians". Then, to political correctness and as a result of centuries of pressure on China by overseas countries, the name was changed.
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Kuixinglou Tower (奎星楼 - kuíxīnglóu). On some maps it is designated as the God of Literature Tower.
The site says that Kui Xing (魁星 - kuí xīng) in Chinese mythology is deity – assistant to Wen Chang (文昌 - Wén Chāng), the God of Literature. Taoists also believed that Kui Xing is a famous writer Su Shi (苏轼 - Sū Shì), 1036-1101, who became a deity.
Sculptural composition entitled "Fellow, give a light, please".
Sculptural groups occurring everywhere, allow you to imagine a past life of the city.
Night guards are to the left, archers are to the right.
In ancient China a pair of night guards (更夫 - gēngfū) used to patrol the city streets at night. With them they used to have gongs or bells. In addition their duty was to bong every 2 hours time (打更 - Dǎgēng). The 5th bong marked sunrise, after which the night guards went to rest.
The southern part of the wall is billowy.
Yongdingmen Gate (永定门 - Yǒngdìngmén) on the western side of the wall, in its southern part.

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Shuanglin Temple

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