Huashan Mountain: Railway stations

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
On a train from Linfen I arrived at the old railway station of Huashan. Here first of all I bought a ticket for the day after tomorrow for a high-speed train to Luoyang, which departs from the new North Railway Station of Huashan.

Nice to look at the train sign with key stops and think that I have already visited Taiyuan and Chongqing. Distance between them is 1428 km.
In comparison with the new station, this certainly looks small.
Looking at passengers there is no doubt that they are tourists who dream to conquer Huashan Mountain.
I was lucky that in the day of my ascent to the mountain was not so cloudy.
The broad road leading to the new North Railway Station.
Huashan North Railway Station started to operate in 2010. Train ride to Huashan from Xian (121 km) takes 35 minutes, from Luoyang (259 km) – little more than an hour, from Beijing (1095 km) – five hours ten minutes.
Big country – big modern stations.
The waiting hall. On the train timetable board are listed 7 high-speed trains on the next 2 hours.
Russia, wake up!
CRH train G660. On it I will go to the Luoyang City.
The price for a ticket to the second-class coach is 119.5 yuan (705 roubles or 19.5 USD).
One minute for boarding and I also need time to make a few photos.
On part of the way the Yellow River can be seen.
Second-class coach of the bullet high-speed CRH train.
New buildings in the suburbs of Luoyang.

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