Huashan Tourist Center

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
There are buses from the Tourist Center to two cable roads leading to the peaks of Huashan. You can buy the entrance tickets to the Mountain here, also there are several cafés. Besides, it is possible to buy the entrance ticket at the foot of the Mountain at the place where the main footpath begins (not far from Huashan Hotel).

Five A letters indicate that the Huashan Mountain belongs to the highest category of tourist attractions of China.
The Lotus is the symbol of Huashan Mountain.
Tourist groups in anticipation of an unforgettable adventure.
Ticket office.
I bought here the entrance ticket for 180 yuan and the bus ticket to the West cable car lower station for 40 yuan.
The queue for boarding the bus.
I visited the neighboring hall. It turned out that this is the gate for people coming from the Mountain. The room for video observation of all the possible places on the Huashan Mountain is located here. Big screens occupy the room wall. As I tried to take pictures of the wall, the doors to the room were immediately closed. Additional WCs are also located here and there are no people. All the tourists go to the toilets situated in front of the bus departure gate.
To the North cable car – to the left, to the West – to the right.
Inside the bus. The trip from the Tourist Center to the West cable road takes 40 minutes.
Tourists continue coming to the Tourist Center.
Picture was taken on the way from the bus window.
The ascent into the mountains begins. It is not as frightful as in the Mianshan Mountains.
I arrived. I am on the bus station. Here, too, there is a toilet.

Continuation :
West cable car

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