Huashan Mountain, West and South Peaks

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
The way from the upper station of the West cable car to West Peak of the Huashan Mountain takes 20 minutes at a leisurely pace and about 10 minutes at usual slightly accelerated pace.

As you can see on the picture, the night was snowy. I wore a tee short and fleece jacket and, at first, it was rather cold but the air quickly warmed up.
View from the observation deck above the cave where the upper cable car station is situated.
Stone steps leading up to the West Peak.
Straight – East Peak, to the right – South Peak.
Two fluffy cats live near West Peak. Both have wounds. One of them refused to be photographed and very gravely went away.
A sign at the West Peak. It is also called a Lotus Peak (莲花峰 - Liánhuāfēng). Height 2086 meters.
I am descending back by the ridge. Further I will go straight to ascend to the South Peak.
View of the ridge by which I had just descended from the West Peak.
Slight traces of freezing rain.
The only one panoramic shot I did on Huashan Mountain.
West Peak is a huge granite stone.
Huashan Mountain is one of five sacred Taoist mountains in China.
Cuiyun (翠云宫 - Cuìyún gōng) Taoist Temple is situated near West Peak. This name may be translated as “Green Cloud Palace”. There is a hotel in this temple. In addition, there are two outdoor toilet cubicles near this place.

South Peak is the highest one – 2155 meters.
Not far from this Peak I measured the height with the help of my smartphone. The result was 2112 meters.
South Top (Peak) consists of three peaks. The highest one is Landing Wild Goose Peak (落雁峰 - Luòyàn fēng). According to the legend wild goose flying over this place necessarily landed the Peak to have a rest. Other two are called Pine and Janiper Peak (松桧峰 - Sōngguì fēng) and Filial Son Peak (孝子峰 - Xiàozǐ fēng).
Being on South Peak I began to feel that there were too many tourists on the mountain.

Pine and Janiper Peak. Ancient trees growing on one of the highest tops of Huashan Mountain are turning white even at the end of April.

Continuation :
East Peak

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