Handan: Walk around the city

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
Handan is known in China as the birthplace of many popular chengyu (成语 - chéngyǔ) idioms: "A dream of golden millet" (黃粱一夢), "Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao" (围魏救赵), "Learn to walk in Handan" (邯郸学步) and others. Each idiom is derived from a short didactic story with a moral. Of course, first of all, it is interesting for people studying Chinese.

The newspaper "Renmin Ribao" first appeared in Handan on May 15, 1946. Also in the city began its broadcasting the Xinhua radio.

I was told that one don’t need driver's license to drive an electric scooter. Imagine what would happen if all these people began driving cars.
Fudong Bei Street (滏东北大街 - Fǔdōng běi dàjiē). To the right is the entrance to Longhu Park.
A huge building with a modern elegant design – is the Handan Culture and Art Center.
Here are located the theater, museum, library and exhibition hall. The length of the building is 590 meters (from east to west) and 280 meters wide.
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Zhonghua Bei Street (中华北大街 - Zhōnghuá běi dàjiē) is decorated with a huge number of small red lanterns.
Just in this street was my hotel.
Across the street is located the Congtai Park.
Parking on the sidewalk. No respect for pedestrians.
Streets near the old railway station.
Fashionable Chinese teenagers.
Store of holiday decorations.
A real construction boom is happening in China. Handan is not an exception. In different parts of the city, you can sometimes see new buildings terrifying with the number of floors.
Local developers also have financial problems sometimes. In August 2014, defrauded investors held protest actions near Handan City Hall. The construction company raised 1.5 billion yuan from residents and borrowed the same sum from banks (almost half a billion dollars in common). As a result, the director of the company is on the run, the number of affected persons is greater than 10 thousand.
New Handan looks like that.
Look at this beautiful landscaping along the roads in new districts of the city.
The historical monument to the military reform, which resulted in changed uniform and a new branch of the armed forces – horse archers (胡服骑射 - Húfúqíshè).
The Chinese cousin of Optimus Prime has a side job in Handan: greeter in front of Muse club.
Bakery and coffee shop England Time (英伦时光 面包&咖啡 - Yīnglún shíguāng miànbāo & kāfēi).
Not far from my hotel, there was a China Mobile office (mobile operator). When I walked up to it, I was surprised to see the premises, in the literal sense, filled with shiny metal wash bowls and bags with washing powder. The explanation was found very quickly. It was a promotion action, cooked up by clever marketing experts. I watched a woman with her adult daughter registering some documents. One of them replaced a SIM card in her phone and then they got a wash bowl. Then they signed something else and received several packs of washing powder.
As of 2013, Handan urban district is a home for over 150,000 Chinese Catholics. However, it is not their church. I think it is a part of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) organization.
City Museum. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the porcelain, which is famous in these places. Preparations are under way to launch the fountain in front of the Museum building.

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