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Rem Sapozhnikov, Tiwy.com (2004)

The easiest way to get to the National Park Tikal is by plane. It takes no more than 50 minutes to fly from Guatemala-City to the airport in the town of Santa Elena (department Peten). Another hour by bus and here you are.

The National Park was founded in 1955. In 1979 it recognised as a monument of universal importance by the UNESCO. The park occupies 576 sq km, and the area of the Tikal complex does not exceed 16 sq km. The archeologists have found more than 4 thousand buildings of the Maya era here. Some of them are already digged out and open for a tourist eye, others are still worked on.
Ancient Indians started to explore the present-day territory of Tikal 800 years before our era. According to historians, in the heyday Tikal used to have not less than 60 thousand dwellers and kept trade and economic (and diplomatic) relations with other civilisations of Mesoamerica. The Tikal top influence falls on the period of Ah-Cacao ruling. A funny name…
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The international airport "General Anacleto Masa Castellanos" is situated in the town of Santa Elena.

On the way to Tikal. The lake Peten Itza.

The opening of the National Park Tikal.


The Tikal Saint Tree.


The Tiwy.com team is sinking into the Tikal selva. To the right there is a “water liana” (bejuco de agua). Thirsty – make a cut!

The top of the Temple IV, the highest standing structure in Tikal. The nuns in assault to the pyramid. .

Different views of the Temple IV. The setting made by ancient builders has survived through the times.

Temple III

The pyramids still keep many of the mysteries of the past.

Dozens of pyramids are covered under the surface. There is no financing to make excavations.

El Templo V El Templo V The Temple V is 51 m tall. It was build in the period from 550 to 650 A.D.

El Templo II The Temple II is situated in the eastern party of the Big Square of Tikal. Its height is 38 m. It was built in about 700 A.D.

Grand Jaguar The Temple I is situated in the eastern party of the Big Square (known under the name of Grand Jaguar).
Its height is 47 m.
Templo I Here is a view of the back of Temple I.

Rostro Fuent The human-height stone mask (Rostro Fuente).

There are still dozens of the Maya pyramids and churches on the territory of the Park Tikal that are in wait for archeologists

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