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Antigua, part I

Rem Sapozhnikov, Tiwy.com (2004)

The city of Santiago de los Caballeros, later - Guatemala, and now La Antigua (Guatemala) – was founded in March of 1543 in the valley Panchoy at the footspets of the volcano Agua. Spanish King Phillip II entitled it as "Very Benevolent and Very Faithful” in 1556. From then on, the city has become the cultural and educational centre for the whole America especially during the so-called Golden Age from 1720 to 1773. Then the earthquake burst and the major part of the old city of Guatemala was turned into ruins. Citizens left the place for a long time. Instead of the ruined capital a new capital of Guatemala was built and the only part of the antique capital is left in the name La Antigua.
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Ayuntamiento (The city council).
Here in 1660 a first publishing house was opened in the Central America.
The Cathedral.

Dear Tourists! The wagons are in waiting…

Antigua is the city of the red roofs.

The University of San Carlos.


The Colonial landmarks of the city of Antigua.

The traditional Maya nephrite handiworks (museum-shop in Antigua).

It is from here that the governors general (capitanes generales) exercised power in Latin America for more than 230 years.

If you enjoy tranquility go to Antigua.

San Agustin

The church and the monastery of San Agustin, inaugurated into 1657, destroyed by a seism, were rebuilt in 1735.

Bus terminal in Antigua.

Post office. It is checked: the letters from here are sure to reach their destinations. The police in Antigua keeps everything under the strict control. Walk in safety, dear tourist!

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