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Antigua, part II

Rem Sapozhnikov, Tiwy.com (2004)

The Arch of Santa Catalina.
It used to be the “secret” passage above the street for the nuns.
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The portal of the church of San Francisco.
The decorative element of the church of San Francisco.

There are more than 40 churches in ruin awaiting restoration. The portal of the church "Iglesia del Carmen".

The monument to the defender of the Indians, Bartolome de Las Casas. The church "Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes".

The monastery church Las Capuchinas. The ancient public laundry in Antigua. The washing is still going on.

This demon is waiting to be burned. This ceremony marks the beginning of Christmas vacations for the Guatemalans. Ciudad Vieja is Antigua’s neighbour. The volcano Agua is covered in clouds.

The quiet streets keep memory of the past years.

... The prison.

The souvenir wealth of Antigua.

There is everything here from wooden masks to the human-height statue of Maximon.

Maximon is strongly believed by the Guatemalans to be able to make all wishes come true if it is treated with rum.


Cruz Enrique España is the master of sculptural miniatures and a man of a sound sense of humour.
"The Silver Romanticist"
"After the Social Booze"

The restaurant and bar "Fridas" with the Mexican touch in both the interi or and the cuisine.

Call on for the delicious meals! Here is the menu card of the folk cuisine.

The hotel and museum "Casa Santo Domingo" where many celebrities stayed at. Bill Clinton was one of the guests here.

The reception of the hotel and museum "Casa Santo Domingo". The restaurant in the hotel.

The interior elements of the hotel and museum "Casa Santo Domingo". The memorial plate in the hotel and museum "Casa Santo Domingo".

... The Antigua citizens live by tourism. Small hotels can be found here and there. One of them is "Posada Don Rodrigo".

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