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Rem Sapozhnikov, Tiwy.com (2004)

Panajachel is often nicknamed Pana. In Panajachel there is no ruins of any historical value and monuments of the long-ago past, a rare case in Guatemala as it is. The main charm of the town is its situation on the shore of the most beautiful lake Atitlan. That is why tourists come here just to have a rest walking the hot back streets, boating on the lake, buying another souvenir portion and tasting the Guatemala exotic cuisine.
Lyric sketch
on the way to Panajachel.

Numerous Internet cafes open offer their hospitality to those who start missing the Big World.

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The severe volcanoes keep the quietness of the lake Atitlan.

The view of the lake Atitlan. The volcano Toliman is in the centre, the San Pedro is to the right. The lake area is 130 sq km, the shore-to-shore distance is 17 km. Atitlan is the Guatemala Baikal. » Large Photo

Panajachel Panajachel. The town view.

Exotic souvenirs are haunting the tourists here and there The Tiwy.com web-master has bought this chair.

The Maya people used to build pyramids, now they master the World Wide Web.

Hamburguesa Gigante A tourist is always hungry.
The restaurant "Hamburguesa Gigante" ("Giant Hamburger") offers a solid meal and not only hamburgers (check the menu card).

Noon in the Panajachel. It is hot. Very hot.

Posada Don Rodrigo

Hotel Regis.

In the Posada Don Rodrigo and the Hotel Regis tourists will find cosy rooms, decent room service and tasty meals.

Tourist infrastructure of the town of Panajachel.

The Indian cemetery and a mush field: the live and the death are close to each other

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