Sucre streets, Bolivia, Rem Sapozhnikov
February 2008
Sucre is one of the calmest and cosiest towns of Bolivia. In about forty years, when I reach an advanced pension age, I might take a decision to settle there. Townsfolk are friendly and nice, the pace of life is measured and provincial. There are plenty of all signs of civilisation – top-class, but inexpensive hotels; coffee shops and restaurants with moderate prices and rather good, according to local conceptions, food; there are rather big libraries, exhibition halls, cinema houses.

Internet is working round the clock that is very important for such «a predator of world news» as I am. This pretty furry little dog peering from under the door space has become for me a symbol of cosy life in Sucre. With great pleasure I would have taken place next to it and looked at the pedestrians.

The vehicle traffic is quite a moderate one in the town, and exhaust fumes don't overcome the aroma of flowers. You can walk around Sucre forever, and I propose a series of pictures made in different parts of the city during such walks: white walls of structures, red tiles of roves, arches and small towers, romantic block pavement of streets – heritage of XVII – XIX centuries.

I hope that some Russian dreamer-fidget (and possibly one certain oligarch, tormented by crisis and ruthless creditors) after looking at these pictures, might say: «That is what I need for complete happiness!» and book the tickets for the route Moscow – Madrid – La Paz – Sucre.

Some clients who made calls from that dinosaur-telephone, vanished due to unknown reasons. The search continues until now.

You can safely walk along the night Sucre.

Continuation :
Sucre hotels

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