Bolivar park - Sucre, Bolivia, Rem Sapozhnikov
February 2008
Main gallery in Bolivar park.

Among the holiday makers there is a Russian oligarch that copies a local resident. Find him.

Sculpture compositions in Bolivar park and a gardener.

The gardener possesses some aesthetic self-importance. But what it is I still can't understand.

The monument to Aniceto Arce, who was the president of Bolivia from 1888 till 1892.
The former railway station building in Sucre.

To the left – Legal Council
To the right – Supreme Court

Map of Sucre and the map of surroundings of Bolivar Park.

Three pictures for lovers of flora and fauna. The sparrow can be identified at once, but there is a problem with the bird in the centre. If anyone can identify the bird, please inform the webmaster.

Police station near the park. For some reasons I recollect the North American holiday Thanksgiving Day.

Not the best clone of the Eiffel tower.

If we believe a source in the net, this miniature according to the Bolivian order in 1906 was designed by Eiffel himself. Dismantled steel structures were sent to Sucre, where local engineers erected the tower as per the drawings. It was ready by the 100th anniversary of the Liberation Cry (of 25 May 1809 uprising). Initially, from 1909 till 1925 the tower was used for meteorological observations, later it was moved to the place, where it is situated now – in Bolivar park.

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