Kaili (凯里 - Kǎilǐ), Guizhou Province

Rem Sapozhnikov / October 2011
When I got off the train at Kaili, it was cool and drizzling. Here it is October and the celebrated cloudy weather of Guizhou, I thought. But it did not last long, the sun and stifling heat returned quickly. On the other hand, of course, I was very lucky that most of the trip the weather was fine, and in so many different parts of the province I was able to take pictures on sunny days.

At first glance I didn’t like Kaili very much. And at the second, too. Something elusive used to spoil my impressions of this ordinary town.

I noticed that here in Kaili, drivers hate pedestrians. If children next to their school cross the road at zebra crossing, the bus driver, rather than slow down, starts to buzz, increase speed, will turn the steering wheel and go to the oncoming lane and sweep in front of their noses. But to let them pass - not at any price.

In Chongqing it became clear that Moscow drivers are not that bad. In Kaili it became clear to me that chongqing drivers were not that bad, comparing with the local ones.

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