The Great Wall of China, Mutianyu section

Rem Sapozhnikov / October-November 2008
I'll tell you straight away that I was happy with my trip to the The Mutianyu Section (慕田峪 - Mùtiányù) of the Great Wall of China. I should have taken a cable railway with closed cabins to ascend there and then walk to the left to the place where the repaired portion of the wall ends. Then return back to the place of ascend and walk further to the next descend, from where you could go down by the open cabin cableway or toboggan (special trolleys that run along the metal chute). I made the other way round, therefore I had to cross out descend on toboggan. You may go further and not go down at once.

When in the morning I came to the Wall, the vendors were just opening their stalls, but when I came down the commerce was at full swing. And the farther I moved from the descend from the Wall, the lower were the prices that were cried out by the souvenir vendors.

At the Wall I met a lot of Germans, came across some Americans, French and Spaniards, but there were no Russians.

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I came up on the Wall in this place.
Cableway and toboggan.
Ticket office.
The Wall is not the place to play at horses!
Map of Mutianyu section.

Continuation :
How to get to Mutianyu

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