Photos of Easter Island
There is Easter Island or Rapa Nui under the airplane wing.

The Chilean flag is proudly fluttering in the airpot Mataveri.

The team followed the trail of Thor Heyerdahl.

The green hills of Easter Island or Rapa Nui.

The morning view of the capital Hanga Roa.

There is something peaceful and Polynesian in the Rapa Nui landscape.

Main and the only port of the island.

"Residential estate" of the ancient islanders (and the sacred cult city).

Fellow-islands Motu Kao Kao, Motu Iti and Motu Nui.

The volcano Rano Kau is still dozing at the noise of reed.

"The factory" of mystic sculptures of the island - moai.

It is on Rapa Nui that the headman existed.

Now we know the way the mystic moai created. Our guide Guido shared his secrets of molding of walking idols.

The spleeping moai.

Our Brasilian friends Flavio and Rogelio give their regards to a Muscovite Galya.

The humbled moai was the result of the ruinous wars.

In wait of the team.

"The moai congregation is supposed to be open..."

Here and there on the island we were met by the guards of honour.

A lyric moai sceen.

Putting down the other people’s stones, remember they can do the same with you as well.

I wish you know the long Pasquan nights…

The main fishing camp in Rapa Nui.

The evening inspiration or beyond the horizon, - Polynesia.

There is another Broadway in Hanga Roa.

There is the best Rapa Nui fish in the restaurant 'Iorana' (Hello!').

The landscape of a Russian Borisov-Musatov type.

Under the internal peace.

The catholic chapel with a Rapa Nui soul.

The island is secured by the catholic gods.

A country-like plot.

The Pasquan yard.

The traffic in the rush hour.

Souvenirs in Rapa Nui for the Moscow friends.

A moai, gazing after us.

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