Road from Uyuni to Potosi, Bolivia, Rem Sapozhnikov
February 2008
With a strong feeling that there remained no undiscovered by me spots at Uyuni saline land, I set for a further trip along the route – in direction of Potosi, the richest city of South America at the time of Spanish crown reign on the continent. I wonder, if any of those magic treasures remained in modern Potosi? Is the architecture of this city so luxurious as the guide books write?

From the top of the hill I cast a farewell look to Uyuni, which has taken shelter as a sleepy oasis at the edge of the huge saline land.

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The road presented magnificent landscapes, which opened one by one in front of my eyes, that is why 200 kilometers to Potosi flew by imperceptibly. I fell in love with Bolivia so much, that I took photos of everything that I thought to be interesting. I think that those, who due to any reasons are unable to travel, looking at these photos, will be able to repeat with me that fantastic trip from Uyuni to Potosi.


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