Monuments to miners - Potosí, Bolivia, Rem Sapozhnikov
February 2008
Although Potosi used to be the richest town in America, but there were many times more toilers-miners there than millionaires. There is no question of richness of Potosi for a long time, but it used to be and remains till now a town of miners.

There are several monuments to miners in the town. The most famous of them is situated at the square of Miners. You can see it at the photo below.

Another monument to a miner – "Al Minero" – is located at the junction of del Maestro, Villazon, Arce y Serrudo streets.

It appeared there on December 21, 1961. There is an inscription on the monument «Holy Virgin! Toiler-miner, God and Motherland greet you, the whole world admires you».

A monument to the cooperative miners (Minero Cooperativista) on the road to the operating mines:

Broasteria Minero.

Cerveceria Nacional Potosina El Minero.

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