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Venezuela: There is no other`s land

Olga Rávchenko, Belarus (April 2008)

Last October I succeeded in visiting Turkey and Syria for a couple of days. In Istanbul I was pleasantly amazed with the reaction of a gentleman whose photograph I`ve taken by accident (photo 1). In a Damask hotel, using exclusively my eyes and my smile while communicating with Iranians and Iraqis, I really bathe in their sights irradiating a disinterested love! (photo 2). After my return to Belarus I collocated my photo with Damask schoolboys (photo 3) on one of the sites, but I put the photo away immediately after one of my classmates` alarming telephone call from Israel communicating: “They shot at us”…

If I haven`t had such a travel to the Orient, I scarcely should manage to take these audacious pictures of the “Expo-Belarus-2007” fair in Venezuela. The energy obtained in the Orient did encourage me to look at this strange Occidental hemisphere with these exclusively loving eyes!

On the first of April Bernard Endginger`s letter came to me bringing these alarming words: “When the terrestrial ship is sinking, does it matter whether the passengers drown to the right or left, under a flag black or red or one celestial blue?”

The letter was accompanied by Donald Grabau`s (US writer and astrologer) commentary: “Uranus is Krishnamurti`s INSIGHT as sight… It`s ACTIVELY REVOLUTIONARY. It`s a way of looking that looks back at us. The love in another`s eyes when they “see” us and love us… the way we lovingly look at another… you know, we`re all so much BETTER when the other looks at us with love in his/ her eyes. This is not silly sentiment, this is very powerful creative IMAGINATION. We all constantly “imagine” each other and now URANUS is demanding (if you will, though “demanding” is not really Uranus`s way… it`s more like an excitingly insightful urge we can`t resist) that we see each other with the coherent light of the laser beam…that we bathe each other in this light and build its strength within us”.

Donald`s letter contained this phrase too: “…tons of Depleted Uranium has already been spread all over Iraq and has entered and is moving upon the winds that circles the planet”.

And it came again such a saving, ancient and sage saying: “Ark as ambassador will carry the very things we put inside it”.

«Expo-Belarus-2007»: Con amor. Reflexión-2

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