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Venezuela: «Expo-Belarus-2007»: With Love. Reflection.

Olga Rávchenko, Belarus (January 2008)

On December, 3-7-th, 2007, in the capital of Venezuela the exhibition «Expo-Belarus-2007» took place. Both Parties made thorough preparations, this is why it was a success.

But now I prefer to speak about the exhibition emotional aspect solely, and it absolutely became a part of Venezuelan-Byelorussian PR.

It’s known that, as a rule, a person can scrutinize other people’s faces vise-a-vise, but we can see our own present/instant one only being reflected. On the contrary, we can feel ourselves clearly, but principally our interlocutor's words and actions do reflect their inner state.

The photographs I made are, first of all, my emotions connected with Venezuela and the Byelorussian exposition, with its atmosphere.

Notwithstanding the exhibition visitors` class belonging, they are mostly amazed, they smile and let me look to their eyes, to focus on their faces, on their positive emotions which became a part of the exhibition aura reigning those three days of December in Caracas Military Circle and reflecting nothing else but the inside of my heart in this very instant.

The photographs from the exhibition is my contribution into the shrine and ark of Byelorussian-Venezuelan relations, because it’s well known and does exist from before time: “The shrine as well as the ark will carry the very things you have put in there!»

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