Venezuela in the epoch of Chavez
The lyric photoshow of Rem Sapojnikov
Year: 2003
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Colonia Tovar Chacao Trip to Higerote Parque Del Este Centre of Caracas El Hatillo and other pictures The souvenir shops of Caracas The subway of Caracas
Parque Central Gran toma de Caracas The mountain Avila
The Margarita Island The house in Caracas where Simon Bolivar was born
Colonia Tovar is an unusual and nice mountain town not far from Caracas. It was founded in 1843 by a group of German settlers.
The district of Chacao in Caracas
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Trip to Higerote on the Caribbean coast.
Parque del Este (Park of Romulo Betankur) is situated in the eastern part of Caracas, not far from the homonymous underground station. There is a lot of greenery and walking paths, ponds, something like a zoo with an aquarium and an ophidiarium, a planetarium and many other interesting things. It should be noted that there is in the park a true copy of the carvel of Santa Maria, one of the three which brought the Christopher Columbus expedition to the coasts of America in 1492.
The centre of Caracas.
The outskirts of Caracas El Hatillo. The park Los Caobos. A number of various photos.
The souvenir shops of Caracas.
Several pictures of the Caracas underground.
Parque Central and Teresa Carreno Theater Complex
Gran Toma de Caracas,
January 23, 2003
The mass demonstration supporting the government of Hugo Chaves in the Venezuelan capital. The streets of Caracas were crowded by at least 2.5 million people advancing the slogans to deepen the peaceful Bolivar revolution, its achievements in different spheres, mostly in education and health service. I was unfortunate to make a picture only of a tale of the human torrent heading to the centre of Caracas in the afternoon near to the shopping mall Tamanaco.
The mountain Avila separates Caracas from the Caribbean.
100 thousand Venezuelans who support the Hugo Chavez opposition blocked the main highway in Caracas having occupied more than 4 kilometres of it. It was noted by observers that the carnival and festive character of the action had exceeded its political essence.
January 25, 2003
The Margarita Island was discovered by Christopher Columbus and named after the princess Margaret of Austria.

The house in Caracas where Simon Bolivar was born.