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Down the roads of Venezuela: Ciudad Bolivar

Tiwy.com (December 2004)

From 18 to 20 century Cuidad Bolivar was one of the four main international ports of Venezuela. The primary name of the city was Santo Tomas de la Guayana de Angostura. It was shortnamed to Antogostura and in May of 1846 in honour of Libertador it was renamed into Cuidad Bolivar. And it goes without saying: the city used to be a temporary capital of Venezuela and a support base for the army of Simon Bolivar. The historic centre of the city – all 77 districts – has remained nearly the one it was in the times of the Bolivar liberation epopee.

You can always have tasty meals in the Eastern highway.

All roads lead to Ciuidad Bolivar.

The bridge Angostura over the river Orinoco was built in 1967 and at that time was ‘the wonder of engineering’ in Latin America: it is 1678 metres long, the two steel bottom towers are 119 metres height, there are four traffic channels.

There is a unique monument in the airport of Cuidad Bolivar erected in honour to the man who discovered one of the sights of Venezuela – the Angel waterfalls. It is a plane of American pilot Jimmi Crowford Angel that he was piloting all over Venezuela in the 30s of the last to earn his leaving.

Rangel is the governor of the state of Bolivar.
Election campaign.
Electricity means living!

There will be another bridge over Orinoco!

Driver, don’t speed up!

Estate of San Isidro (now a museum).

The hotel Laja City in Cuidad Bolivar.
It is the client’s wish that is the law here.

The colonial backstreets of Cuidad Bolivar.

The quiet corners of the city inspire a poetic mood.

The Bridge Angostura view from Cuidad Bolivar.

House of the Congress of Angostura. The historical centre of Ciudad Bolivar.

The square of Bolivar. The cathedral chapel.

Backstreet buhoneros is an indispensable landmark of all cities of the world.

Orinoco to Venezuela is as important as Volga to Russia.

It is there that the black gold is produced.

The Guayan rocks are the oldest on the planet.


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