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El Monumento a la Paz , Tegucigalpa

Tiwy.com, August 2007

El Monumento a la Paz (Monument to Peace) was erected in Tegucigalpa in 1996 as a call for eternal peace between the fraternal people of Central America. In due time a lot was written about the «football war» between Honduras and El Salvador that broke out in 1969 and in its active phase lasted 100 hours. Today only specialists in international relations know the actual reasons for the war. Football, to be frank, had only indirect connection to the war.

El Monumento a la Paz (Monument to Peace) El Monumento a la Paz (Monument to Peace) El Monumento a la Paz (Monument to Peace)

Rest The park around the monument serves as shelter to local down-and-outs.

Tegucigalpa But it is worth visiting it: a magnificent panorama of the capital opens from that place, and through a concrete loophole one can see the football field of the National stadium. El Monumento a la Paz is a guarantee that the sport battles at the stadium will go on within the framework of ethics and political correctness. As football fans say: Make Futbol, Not War!
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Panoramic view of Tegucigalpa

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